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Audio Recordings

2020La Fuente: album 'Arbol de Almendra' (Sephardic & Yiddish songs)
2016'Balkan & Jewish Inspirations 3' (compilation album) includes Gregor's composition 'A Freylekhe Pastukhl', as recorded by by Shtetl Band Amsterdam with Christian Dawid
2015Shtetl Band Amsterdam with guest Christian Dawid: album 'Roots and Shoots' (klezmer)
2011Shtetl Band Amsterdam with guest Christian Dawid: album 'The Klezmer Village'
2008Shtetl Band Amsterdam: album 'The Bride's Waltz - New & Old Music for the Klezmer Violin'
2007Ida Vos & Shtetl Band Amsterdam: book+CD 'Vijfendertig tranen'
(Ida Vos reads poems / Shtetl Band Amsterdam plays klezmer music)
2007Mazzeltov: album 'Amsterdam - Jatten uit Mokum' (Yiddish)
2006De Urker Zangers - guest appearance with vocal group, CD with gospels and classical music
2005Stefka: album 'Del Recuerdo de Amor' (latin and crossover music)
2005Soundtrack album for the movie 'Everything Is Illuminated': contains the track 'Amari Szi, Amari' by Csókolom
2004Don Popo (rapper from Columbia): CD + book '2002-2004'
2004Di Fidl Kapelye: CD 'Live in Amsterdam' (klezmer)
2004Mazzeltov: CD 'Mishpoge' (Yiddish)
>>Nominated for the Dutch Edison Award 2005
2003Sterrenfestival: 'Sterren van 2003' (compilation CD): contains one track by Csókolom
2003Di Fidl Kapelye: CD 'DiFK' (klezmer)
2003Sengala: CD 'Sengala' (latin)
2002'Geleneksel Cigene Müzigi - Traditional Gypsy Music' (Turkish compilation CD): contains one track by Csókolom
2002La Fuente: CD 'La Fuente' (classical & tango)
2002Mazzeltov: CD 'Tsores & Cheyn' (Yiddish)
2002Terra Nova: CD 'Terra Nova - gypsy swing' (jazz manouche)
2001Csókolom: CD 'Ludo Luda' (Hungarian & Balkan music and crossover styles)
>>Nominated for the BBC Awards for World Music 2002
2001Koma Strana Dîcle: CD 'Roja Biratî' - guest appearance, two tracks
2000Compilation CD 'Arhoolie 40th Anniversary Collection 1960-2000: The Journey Of Chris Strachwitz': contains the track 'Medved Na Lancu' by Csókolom
2000Tolga Emilio Trio: CD 'Gipsy, jazz and latin flavours' (jazz manouche)
1999Soluna: CD 'Balkan Moderne'
1999Tolga Emilio Trio: CD 'Bohemia' (jazz manouche)
1998Csókolom: CD 'May I kiss your hand' (Hungarian & Balkan music and crossover styles)
>>Recorded in the Sun Studio in Memphis, TN, for the Arhoolie label
1998Csókolom: 1 track on compilation CD 'Prime Cuts 1998 - Folk / Song / World Music in Germany'
1998Centre Ville: CD 'Kleine Swing' (jazz manouche)
1997Csókolom: CD 'Csókolom' (Hungarian & Balkan music and crossover styles)
1996New Thundering Swingmates: CD 'Good enough to keep' (jazz)
1991Hot House Leerorkest: one track on CD 'Keytown Swings vol. 3' (jazz)


The soundtrack of the movie 'Entre Eux Deux' (by Fabien Naudier) contains Gregor's composition 'November Nign', as performed by Shtetl Band Amsterdam.
The soundtrack of the movie 'Everything Is Illuminated' (based on the critically-acclaimed novel by Jonathan Safran Foer) contains the track 'Amari Szi, Amari' by Csókolom. It is the famous version from the album May I Kiss Your Hand, recorded in the Sun Studion in Memphis, Tennessee.